Victorian Washstand


This is a very rare washstand from the late Victorian period and almost certainly from the workshops of Shapland and Petter. The brass label on the inside of the cupboard door has a registration number and RALEIGH impressed. Raleigh was the place of the Shapland and Petter factory. This factory employed over 400 people and also undertook manufacturing for other companies of which Liberty was one. The design of this washstand is very much in the Arts and Crafts style but very unusual to have it’s original green stain with copper effect painted decoration to the drawer and cupboard. The marble top is heavily grained and mottled and is of a mixture of white grey pink and liver colours. Made from solid oak throughout with the tiled back having rust/brown tiles to surround highly unusual yellow/ochre tiles to the centre. The copper handles are original and the whole is in super original condition.

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