Edwardian Oak Roll Top Desk


A fine quality oak roll top desk from the Edwardian period. As with most quality roll top desks all the exterior panels are fielded (bevelled) and can look and be used off the wall. All the pedestal drawers lock automatically when the roll is down and the bottom right hand drawer is a double depth to take files. The central drawer has a working lock with two keys as does the roll. The interior is quite stunning with a mass of drawers and compartments. One drawer still contains it’s unused index book. The finish has been re-vitalised where necessary and now looks superb. The biggest single problem or damage to most roll top desks is the linen backed roll or tambour to give it it’s correct description. Over it’s lifetime they deteriorate and start to split, eventually the tambour becomes inoperable. To this effect all of our roll top desks have the tambour totally re-backed or at least strengthened, to ensure you get decades of trouble free use. This job is not cheap or a fast job or suited to DIY it needs to be done properly by professionals. With our roll top desks you can be assured of longevity.

Kneehole Width – 50cm = 19 33/4 inches Height – 64cm = 25 1/4 inches

Height to Desk Surface – 78cm = 30 1/2 inches

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